Day 32. 

It’s been a very fun 32 days of digging through different pockets of great Brazilian music. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

After today it’s 4 more years until I’ll break down for you on a daily basis the great musical traditions of Russia…

I’ll leave you today with music from Moacir Santos a fantastic composer whose work in the 60s and 70s was very influential.

Here is his 1965 album “Coisas”. Jazz & soundtrack vibe with that Brazilian flavor.

I’m aiming to put out one final email with a playlist that includes everything from the whole series so look for one final email some time next week.

Enjoy the game today if you are watching!

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Day 31.

One more day to go and then it’s back to the 4 yr count down till Russia 2018!

I’ve been deliberating which Marcos Valle album to post and it’s not been easy!

Here is his 1981 album “Vontade de Rever Voce” which is a serious nod to the blue eyed soul sounds of Steely Dan etc with plenty of Brazilian vibes thrown in there. Be sure to check out his older bossa filled albums like “Samba ‘68” which are classics!


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Day 30.

A little late for today but it’s here!

Sticking with a hiphop vibe here is Marcelo D2 from Rio.

This is his breakout album from 2003 that really got the worldwide hip hop heads to take notice.

"A Procura da Batida Perfetia" aka "Looking for the perfect beat" is a nod to the Afrika Bambaataa track of the same name. Samba beats with a super cool hip hop vibe.


——> find the rest of the series here.

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Day 29.

We have our final two.

Get ready for sunday!

and there are 4 more posts including this one to go so let’s get the hype going with some Brazilian rap from Karol Conka.

Her big hit last year was Boa Noite the title track from Batuk Freak. Kinda a little M.I.A. meets Kanye but with her own completely unique Brazilian take on rap.


Catch the rest of the series here.

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